Juan Pedro Storyboard Portfolio

Hi! My name is Juan Pedro. I'm a storyboard artist and animator from Spain.Recently work for Dreamworks TV "All Hail King Julien" as Storyboard Artist in Vancouver. Previously worked in films such as Oscar nominated "The Illusionist", "Chico y Rita" and "The Red Turtle".

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2022- Present Gigglebug Ent. Helsinki, Finland

Position: Storyboard Supervisor for WB and Nickelodeon projects.

2019- 2021 Cinesite Montreal, Canada. Helsinki, Finland

Position: Head of Story of Feature Film division, developing IP and managing stroyboard artists teeam.

2017- 2019 Cinesite Montreal, Canada. Helsinki, Finland

Position: Storyboard Artist Feature Film Division. Making Storyboards for several internal IP projects.

2015-2017 Bardel Ent. Vancouver, Canada

Position: Storyboard Artist For DreamworksTV show "All Hail King Julien"

2015 Gigglebug Entertainment Helsinki, Finland

Position: Storyboard Artist

2013 Rovio Entertainment Helsinki, Finland

Position: Storyboard Artist

2013 The SPA Studios Madrid,Spain

Project: “The Smurfs:The Legend Of Smurffy Hollow”

Position: Freelance Animator

2012 Freelance Storyboard Artist Madrid, Spain

2011 Folimage Valence, France

Project: “Tante Hilda” directed by Benoît Chieux & Jacques-Rémy Girerd

Position: Animator, Feature film. Traditional 2D animation.

2011 Acciò Infinit Animations Barcelona, Spain

Project: “Barça Toons”

Position: Storyboard artist. Did boards for 3D animated series.

2011 Prima linea Paris, France

Project: “Red Turtle” directed by Michael Dudock de Vit

Position: Animator, Feature film. Doing test animations to study development of the future production.

2009-2010 Acciò Infinit Animations Barcelona, Spain

Project: “Little Big Panda” directed by Greg Manwaring

Position: Animator, Feature film. Traditional 2D animator.

Project: “Chico y Rita” Directed by Fernando Trueba, Javier Mariscal

Position: Animator. Feature film. Production based on real action shooting of actors to be drawn in animation.

2009 Genoma Animation Granada, Spain

Production: “Suckers” Produced by Genoma Animation, BRB, Disney XD

Position: Storyboard artist. Freelance. Worked briefly doing animatics in flash for 3D two of the last episodes of the TV series. Worked online following directions from the studio in Granada.

2007-2009 Django Films Edinburgh, UK

Production: “The illusionist” Directed by Sylvain Chomet

Position: Animator, Assistant animator. Worked as assistant animator on lead animators roughs, and later on the production, doing animation scenes from animation rough to final clean up.

2006 Imira Entertainment Madrid, Spain

Production: “Lola & Virginia” Directed by Myriam Ballesteros

Position: Storyboard artist. For animated series in flash, the job involved direct contact with the director to discuss the episodes, and final storyboard digitally done using Flash or Photoshop, with separated layers needed for later animatic.

2005- 2006 Vanhop Studio Madrid, Spain

Production: “Ratman” Produced by RAI, Stranemani

Position: Storyboard artist. For animated series. Online contact with director to follow the guidelines of the different episodes. Storyboards meant to be used as character layout as well, so as many main animation keys had to be included in it.

2002-2005 Tridente Animation S.L. Madrid, Spain

Production: “RobotBoy” Produced by Alphanim and CartoonNetwork

Position: Layout Artist and BG clean-up using Photoshop (2004-2005) For animated series. Full layout on paper, and at the same time, working on the computer department to clean up background layers using Photoshop, to make a reuse database for the series.

Production: “Gisaku” Produced by Filmax Animation

Position: Posing Layout and Tonals and BG clean-up using Photoshop (2004) Feature film Character layout and FX reference on paper. Also worked at the computer department cleaning up BGs digitally and doing digital tonals for reference for painters.

Production: “Cedric” Produced by Dupuis Audiovisuel

Position: Posing Layout (2003-2004) Animated series. Character layout and reference for FX and anything else needed to be animated in the scenes. Most of the animation keys roughed in storyboard and X-sheet by the director, had to be done for reference for the animators.

Production: “Potatoes et Dragons” Produced by Alphanim

Position: Layout Artist (2002-2003) Animated series. Full layouts.

2003-2004 Stand Pack S.L. Madrid,Spain

Graphic Designer and 3D designer. Photorealistic 3D representations and layout printed on paper of trade fair booth, to be presented to clients for approval of projects


2010-2011 3D animation with MAYA at Acció studio.
1999-2002 Cartoon Animation at ESDIP art school, in Madrid (3 years)
1993-1999 Industrial Engineering at Universidad Carlos III (not finished)

Computer skills

I have worked at professional level with PhotoShop, 3Dmax, Flash, Maya, Storyboard Pro.
Reasonable knowledge of Corel Painter, TVPaint.


-Amateur Comic Book “El Fisgon” (1998)

Juan Pedro’s Storyboard Portfolio