Juan Pedro Storyboard Portfolio


Here is a storyboard sequence featuring a thrilling car chase! As a storyboard artist, I wanted to keep my skills sharp, so I tackled this piece as a personal project. I drew inspiration from films like “Blues Brothers”, “ Thelma and Louise” and “Mind game”. I edited this one and made a full animatic . My goal was to make the sequence feel like a natural part of a bigger story. 


Hurling game, Part 1.

I did many versions of this sequence. We were exploring how to make Keegan be connected again with his roots. Many things had to simplified in the end, and during the process, Benny's character changed shapes., you can see he here an early version of the character. CLICK on the images to Flip through it or use the arros on the sides.

Part 2

At this point we were still going for a literal memory of Keegan's Grandad, who would appear during the game, cheering and supporting him as he did when he was teaching hurling to him in the past. That idea was changed later on and grandad will not appear in this sequence in the final version of the game.